Friday, September 22

Top 10 Foods of Old Dhaka

Old Dhaka means the fragrance of Kachchi. Various traditional foods are scattered throughout the alleys of the area. Find out which foods you should not forget to eat when you visit Old Dhaka.

By Faisal Abdullah

top foods of old Dhaka

  1. Hazir Biryani from Nazira Bazar.
  2. Bismillah Kabab House is located on Kazi Alauddin Road.
  3. Little restaurant cutlets on Keshab Banerjee Road, Gandaria.
  4. Becharam Deuri’s Nanna’s cock.
  5. Traditional Bakar Khani. It is available in various street shops.
  6. Lachi Beauty located on Johnson Road.
  7. Lalbagh Royal Hotel almond sherbet.
  8. Babul Das’ Matha is located at Nawabpur Road at Rathkhola Junction.
  9. Noorani lachi and lemon sorbet of Chowkbazar.
  10. Grand Nawab’s Kachchi Biryani.

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