Monday, July 15

Stretching for a healthy body: Stretching Tips

Exercise is very useful. It makes the body light. Muscles are toned and strengthened. Again, the body and the mind are calm in stretching. However, if you suddenly start stretching without knowing, there is a risk of injury.

 stretching tips

  • Do some warm-up movements before stretching. You can also take 5 minutes of walking, jogging or dancing to the beat of the music. A hot shower can cure it. It will reduce muscle stiffness.
  • In stretching exercises, apply as much pressure as you can without feeling any pain. If you feel pain in any step, skip it immediately.
  • Emphasize normal posture while stretching. That is, standing, sitting or walking should be normal and comfortable. Stretching in this condition will increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Focus on the muscle you are tensing. You may feel that one part of your body is tighter than another. Regular practice will balance it.
  • Continue breathing exercises along with stretching. Exhale slowly while stretching the muscles. Release more slowly during contractions. Under no circumstances should the breath be held while stretching the muscles.
  • Do stretching at least three to four days a week.


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