Monday, February 6

Why are there holes in the biscuit?

Most of the biscuits in the market have small holes in them. Some biscuits are pierced to look attractive. But this is not the only reason. There is also a scientific rationale behind having holes in the biscuits.

Why are there holes in the biscuit

Most biscuits are made by mixing flour with ingredients like sugar and salt. Then they are thinned out and arranged in a dish-like container and allowed to bake. When baking this, sometimes the dough will swell and air bubbles will appear inside it. Such bubbles spoil the texture of the biscuit. Can also be brittle in some areas. Small holes are made in the biscuit to avoid this irony. It allows air to circulate easily during baking.

In some cases, however, perforations are not required due to variations in biscuit materials. Depending on how much dough or how long you need to bake, the biscuits will have holes.

Now you know the reason. So, now it’s time to through a quiz to your friends Why are there holes in the biscuit?

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