Thursday, April 25

6 vegetables for skincare

Excessive use of cosmetics or dust has made the skin rough? You can rely on natural ingredients to restore natural radiance to the skin. Some vegetables at hand can solve various skin problems. Learn how to use any vegetable in skincare.

skincare vegetable for skincare


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. It brightens the skin. In addition, the acid in tomatoes is able to remove dark spots on the skin. Tomato slices rubbed on the skin removes sunburn spots. Apply tomato paste mixed with honey on the skin. The skin will be radiant.



There is no alternative of lemon to bleach the skin naturally. Mixing lemon juice with honey and applying it on the skin removes dead skin. Cut the lemon in half and rub a few drops of honey on the skin. The skin will be radiant.



Cucumber cools the skin from the inside. It is also incomparable as a natural toner. To remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, slice cucumber and lie on top of the eyes for a while.



Potatoes are very effective in removing dark spots on the skin. Rubbing on the skin by slicing potatoes also increases the radiance of the skin quickly. As well as the oily feeling is removed.



The vegetable will bring a nice pink tinge to the skin. Skin glow will also increase.



Carrots rich in vitamin A can be used for skin care. This will help to get rid of acne. As well as bringing natural radiance to the skin.



Ginger can be used in face packs. This will protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It will also remove dark spots.

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